About Us

Founded October 31, 2009, The National Hereford Women (NHW) is a women’s group associated with the beef cattle industry, specifically the Hereford breed of cattle. Dedicated to promoting Herefords to the cattle buying public, educating future leaders of the Hereford breed and to promoting Certified Hereford Beef, NHW organizes and supports a variety of initiatives supportive of this mission. In addition to traditional programs and activities, NHW continually seeks new opportunities to achieve their mission on both a national and state level.

The NHW maintains a commitment to an expanded and updated mission through the national organization and through affiliated state women’s  associations. Members join in raising funds and coordinating volunteer efforts to support activities such as:

  • Youth education programs and contests
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Youth leadership training and opportunity
  • Sponsorship of the National Queen Program
  • Co-sponsorship of the CHB Ambassador Program
  • Collaboration with the American Hereford Association and the Hereford Youth Foundation of America