NHW Artwork by Amanda Raithel





Add to your rare collection of Hereford artwork. This lot “Majestic” is an original piece of colored pencil artwork by nationally recognized show cattle artist, Amanda Raithel. The 11 X 14 artwork is a one-of-a-kind piece that depicts both horned and polled Hereford bulls. All proceeds from this lot are received by the National Hereford Women to help ensure their continued support, education, and enrichment of the Hereford youth. This piece will accompany the first two prints “Setting Precedence” and “Secrets” very nicely.


NHW Print 2011


“Secrets” is the second print that the National Hereford Women have commissioned in their ongoing fundraiser which financially supports their programs and scholarships, all revolving around Hereford Youth.  “Setting Precedence” was the first print done in 2010, both by artist Amanda Raithel.

The limited edition signed and numbered prints for both images will be available from NHW throughout the coming year.  The price for the limited edition prints is $90.  You may reserve an Artist’s Proof (AP) prints (as supply allows) and request a Remarque by calling Denise Billman at 330-204-5865.  AP prints are $115. each.  Denise (in Ohio) and Alise Nolan, TX have these prints on hand.  Go to our Board tab page and contact any NHW board member for information.

State Hereford Associations, including Women’s and Junior Associations my order prints in quantity and participate in a profit sharing program in which NHW profit shares with these groups when reselling prints or using them for state level awards.  Contact Billman also about this opportunity.

Start a collection of these prints.  Use them as gifts, awards or for your home or office.  They will 
be at the 2014 Junior National Hereford Expo, July 5-12, 2014 in Harrisburg, PA.

National Hereford Women